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Default Re: The camps are called ENDGAME

this wouldnt be so bad by itself, but given the times im kind of concerned about this ENDGAME bullshit

checkit, im sure this isnt new to anyone here but its damn crazy

The other two books he reportedly brought with him to Crawford are "Alexander II: The Last Great Tsar" by Edvard Radzinsky and "The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Deadliest Plague in History" by John M. Barry.

Scientists at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology and at Mount Sinai led some of the expeditions to dig up the 1918 victims and genetically reconstitute the virus.

does this crazy bastard think hes going to become a tzar after a release of the "Deadliest Plague in History" ?

and him flaunting that book around could be just as in our face as this "ENDGAME" bullshit
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