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Default Re: The Libertarian Deception?

alumbrado wrote:
Um, Morgan and Rockefeller were in this type together before World War I. Both were instrumentally involved in the formation of the Federal Reserves in 1911 through their associates, much to Taft's knowledge (remember Taft was a 33rd degree Freemason).
Yes, Morgan and Rockefeller were both involved in creating a central bank, since from their perspective a central bank is a "policy neutral" instrument that can be used to silently transfer wealth from the population at large into their corporate interests..

That doesn't mean that they didn't still fight it out over who's corporate interests were the beneficiaries of central bank policy..

I don't claim to be an *expert* on this era of U.S. history, but I've reading some of Rothbard's works in this area, and have found them highly interesting.. The idea of a Rockefeller/Morgan split existing in the U.S. from the Civil War to WWI is a thesis of Rothbard's.. I recommend you to him for further info..

Morgan wasn't interesting in the control of oil but the control of the oil industry's financial managements and resources through the British oil companies.
Yes, true..

Rockefeller wanted Russian oil 100% but the British involvement in the Persian oil fields veered him away from Russia (Middle Eastern oil fields have more oil than Russia's). Germany have the eye on that, too and hope to establish a connection with their Middle Eastern ally: the Ottoman Turks. The British saw the writing on the wall of a German-Turk Empire oil network and initiated a festering war in the Balkans prior to the Great War to distract Germany and the Habsburg Empire. Morgan and Rockefeller sided with the British when the Great War broke out. Germany never stood a better chance of winning the war throughout and the Ottoman Turk Empire fell apart after the war, giving the British an unprecedented control of the Middle East and the American a future in oil politics and geopolitics.
All true, except that Rockefeller's Standard Oil (or what was left of it after the breakup) supplied all of Germany's oil during WWI. Rockefeller interests were also behind subversive programs wherein Allied food shipments were diverted to Germany, to keep Germany well fed and equipped to continue fighting the war.. and historically, before and after WWI, Rockefeller had always been quite well connected in Germany..

Perhaps they really were just fighting a war for the sake of a war, but one nevertheless gets the sense that there was a *genuine* corporate battle for control of oil (esp between Rockefeller on the one hand, the British on the other), at least until 1927, when they seemed to unite viz the Red Line Agreement (an agreement which I believe was probably precipiated by Stalin's rise to power in the Soviet Union, although I have no hard evidence of that).

Again, I'm no expert.. just reporting some of my observations.. :-P

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