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Default Just Watched "Pentagons New Map" - COMPLETELY BLOWN ME AWAY!

You must get a hold of this lecture and watch it. You will see EVERYTHING with fresh eyes. Lights will go off in your head bling, bling, bling...dots will connect and the words ahahhhh...will sound frequently.

Here it is...the next 50 years L-A-I-D O-U-T for you.

This is the Globalist Wunderkind telling it like it is.

The main thrust?

Conventional war is OVER! The U.S Military must be TOTALLY redesigned as a local and international Police Force to ENFORCE the Globalist Agenda. There will be the COMPLETE homegenization of the Army, Navy & Airforce into ONE entity. That will operate locally and internationally

Nothing new? Yeh, but listen to him lay it out. Amazing.

Some things I remember off hand...

"Not many people get what I am saying, banking and finance excepted".(my employers)

"And I understand that I am leaving the Cold Wars tailbone, North Korea, in an otherwise stable North East Asia. And why he matters I would argue, is his takedown should create the basis for an East Asia NATO and the beginning of a strategic partnership between ourselves and China".Hey! I thought China was gunna kill us all?

"People say China has the ability to build up it's military. I say as long as it recieves $50 billion a year in foreign direct investment from the outside world it does. There's just no such thing as unilateral development any more. Not for the U.S, not for anybody. War in the context of everything else."

"China's economy is %30 MArxist/Leninist and %70 S-o-p-r-a-n-o-'s..."

Will post in full in 2 parts soon.

Have put a little extract here...

[size=medium]\"The Office\" is the greatest comedy...ever. [/size]
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