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Default Re: Are the Rothschild’s in Paris, actually in a war with the Rothschild’s of London?

Ramat Hanadiv gardens and Rotschild's burial place

1 - Rothschild's coat of arms at the entrance to the gardens (48 Kb) 2 - The park of roses at Ramat Hanadiv (33 Kb) Ramat Hanadiv, a small plateau in the southern part of the Carmel range, is the burial place of Baron Edmond de Rotschild and his wife. Baron de Rotschild, "The Benefactor" (hanadiv in Hebrew), promoted and supported financially establishment of Jewish settlements in Palestine. His remains were transferred to Israel in accordance with his will.

Rotschild's tomb is in a crypt, which is in the heart of beautiful gardens. Many species of trees and flowers are brought together here to create a unique athmosphere, and many fragrances flow through the air.

The spectacular gardens are surrounded by a large park, which offers many foot trails, archeological sites like a Herodian fortress and wine presses from Byzantine period, scenic views and even a bat cave.

Rotschild's crypt is closed on Saturdays and Jewish holidays, but the garden and the park are open every day.
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