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Default Re: I love bush, but I hate george

I appreciate your depth of analysis over that matter. The tearing down of the individual (e.g. privacy of thought) and "blending" with a group consciousness is one of the warning flags that the FBI identified in hard-core cults. It's probably a universal technique. Whether the following codes were intended for me or I just overheard them, I don't know, but there are two that I remember: 1) I am the all-seeing eye: you cannot escape my gaze. 2) The glory of Satan is your humiliation. I believe that these codes were intended to induce scopophobia (fear of being watched) and a religion-based external guilt. These are definitely targeted at those with religious beliefs, and have a certain Masonic patina to them; they also would accomplish (if successful) the violation of thought privacy to which you refer.
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