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Default Re: I love bush, but I hate george

It's the contamination of morals and ethics by group influence or the "cult" from a very young age!!

Being isolated within the group leaves very little resources for developing your own opinions, etc. if you happen to realize that what you are caught up in is BULLSHIT!!

Try breaking away and you are either killed or harrassed for the rest of your life. Inasmuch as they DON'T PROVIDE de-programming for their DEFECTORS, their covert operations can be ongoing without you knowing it, especially if, like me, you were a victim of a mind control program, but without knowledge while they have infiltrated your life.

Cunning, deceiving, sociopaths!!

It's more or less a guilt trip not to go along with the "cult." Like I've said before, abuse, physical, emotional, sexual, equal love, so they want you to believe and they use reverse psychology by throwing guilt on you for the suffering they say you are causing them by denying your love, etc.

I never felt more watched in my life!! Just like an owl, it is said, they have eyes in the back of their head!!

The OWL at the GROVE!!!

Watching from the ground, the sky, etc.

However, that would relate to technology, perpetrators, etc.
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