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Default Re: Thinkin' like a terrorist....

If I was a terrorist.. I would nuke the next Bilderberger meeting, Nuke the Crown of London, and the International Banks connected to the Rothschilds. I would put a bounty on every head in the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, and also focus on the FED, World Bank, and IMF leadership. If I was a terrorist, I would not be interested in symbols.. I would attack the Global monetary system of usury.

As the "terrorists" are Muslims.. So they say.. I can't see why they wouldn't aim at the heart of their enemy, the money changers, (modern translation = currency exchange centers.)

But, I don't believe that the "terrorists" are Arabs... I think the terrorists are employed by the NWO.. To cast blame on those sitting on top of the oil.. So that "We" will be suckered into wars for oil, paid for by taxes extracted from the middle and lower classes of America and the rest of the world..

Why don't the oil companies just hire mercenaries to do their dirty deeds for them, instead of having our soldiers, paid for by us, die in the dust of foreign soil.?

I personally think that al Qaeda is the Massad/CIA/M16, being hired by their boss, the multigenerational Rothschild family... I think we, the U.S. are fighting these wars so that Israel will control all the oil in the world... And do you think they will thank us for fighting their wars of empire for them?..

I expect America to get a knife in the back for helping them to take over the most valuable real estate in the world.. They will probably Nuke us if we demand a share of the oil.. They have enough nukes to destroy the world as we know it... .But then again, what am I thinking?..

There are no nations anymore, all there are is multinational conglomerates running the planet and fixing elections, so that we, the suckers think we we are responsible for the national debts that these phony democracies create in our names.

Our troops dieing in Iraq are fighting for a private country, run and owned by the Rothschilds of the world.
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