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I guess a "silly" question deserves a silly answer.


I do understand that they are placed in positions of power; I guess what I'm really floundering over are memories from the past about, ME, specifically (OOOPS!! don't want to get off topic here and make it all about me raising the hairs on the backs of others), donning some kind of head dress, many different colors, almost like it was a hood and only cut outs for my eyes, but, "you are our little princess," etc. comes to mind.

I'm holding something in my hand.

Moving up the ranks; climbing the ladder; serving the government; government position and actually talk about occupying the White House somday; taking care of me for the rest of my life; never worrying about money, etc., etc., etc.!!

Charisma! That's what I had, or, so they said!

Okay, enough of that!!
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