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freeman wrote:
But, is reading a book on the most deadliest influenza.

Haven't we been through two flu seasons with this idiot where vaccinations were scarc
Give him time. Eventually he'll figure out to start a viral epidemic...maybe if there are enough pictures in the book.

!!LOL!! I've seen this picture before.

The young girl is reading to the IDIOT and he's not following in his copy, obviously, because it's upside down, (you know, up is down and down is up and he's taken this literally). He's a babbling idiot who needs to go back to Tinker for some fine tuning. His brain is completely scrambled. When THEY made him, they broke the mold. An experiment gone WRONG!! He is the ultimate "mind control" poster boy!!

He doesn't read. He's stated this. His mother has made comments about it as well as his wife.

Looks like she's reading him a bedtime story. One he's hearing about America for the first time.

She asked him to read to her, but he opted out.

How ironic! It's titled, "America" and he's holding it upside down just the same as he is doing to our country.

This wasn't on 911, was it?
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