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Default "Unbreakable Codes"?

Posted For TORCHLITHILL Who Cant Get In...

They're constantly telling America that Alquida is sending out secret messages to their outlying cells by code, and that they are codes that can be decoded , but in the same breath they say they were so intelligent to be able to pull off the impossible on 911, my contention is if one wants to send out an unbreakable coded message that could not be broken, it would be fairly simple, if the rules of the game are known between the parties beforehand and they were able to have been kept secret.

First off, if you wanted to send a message to a friend, or cohort in crime, and you needed to get it out, you would pick a site on the internet that has nothing to do with terrorist activities, and as long as the other parties knew what site that is, you would have the foundation of an unbreakable code. something else needed would be that those sending and those recieving the messages would need an email account.

If you wanted to send a message you would go to this innocuous site and for each letter that would make up the word that you want to send, all you would have to do is go down the page untill you get to the letter, count back, and that would be the first number in your message, and just go from here, or they could use the same book, and do the counting game.

I dont care what kind of super computer the NSA, CIA, etc have,b] it would be unbreakable.

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