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Default Re: Does the NWO plan on destroying most the world, but preserving Europe?

truebeliever wrote:
That there is a God, and that God loves us individually and endows you with certain inalienable the right to not be killed in a population cull.

Bush's actions are designed pure and simple to show the world what a danger Religion is. You can find documentaries and talk show people saying time and again..."who would have thought religion would make a comeback like this. We need to limit the power and scope of religious thought and wipe it out all together before it destroys us all". Snigger, snigger...

Well I guess the secular and Humanist U.N will be taking on that role?
You're not exactly answering my question. This has nothing to do with Bush's religion, God or whatever. I'm more interesting in your definition of "silly religious beliefs" of the American people.
Is the spiritual faith in nature/the Great Creator by Native Americans considered "silly"? Are Muslims in America silly? What about Quakers...are the people silly? The Quakers are very much against the war and Bush and they're a Christian branch.

Please define.

To me, your suggestion sounds like you're against all religious beliefs and that is pretty much an "Illuminati/NWO" goal. :-(
I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.- Galileo Galilei
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