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Default Re: The Libertarian Deception?

Rothbard I've read. Just another Free Traitor in the Rockefeller School tradition.

Way back when things were different. You picked a horse. Now you bet both ponies or risk jail.

The "power stuggle" between Morgan and Rockefeller was primarily show. Roosevelt and Wilson would sign the Fed, Taft would not. Morgan encouraged Roosevelt to grab the third party movement which insured the Fed and subdued the third party movement.


The Libertarian movement was about to achieve valid party status and was a threat. The insiders were running Clinton to get NAFTA but he was flawed. They had Perot lined up.

You do remember Perot dropped out of the race and Bush surged forcing a Perot return. He (Perot) claimed he left because of R dirty tricks.


Teddy Roosevelt is known by false Histroy as the Trust Buster. In his term their were more Trusts created then busted. Under Taft, there were fewer Trusts created then busted in less time. (Less than half of the Trust creations, more than double the busts.)

Taft hit Morgan targets for real. (As apposed to hitting coal, an obsticle to Rockefeller.)
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