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Default Re: Does the NWO plan on destroying most the world, but preserving Europe?

truebeliever wrote:
I've answered the question perfectly.

Read again or read up in general.

My point is sarcastic in that a "supposed" Christian is acting in a COMPLETEly ridiculous manner in order to give religion a bad name and give a high moral ground to the Secular Humanist U.N.


I'm sure of you read my previous posts my position on thses matters is quite clear.

I personally could'nt give a flying toss what my next door neighbours religious beliefs are. I give a toss when a basically satanic/materialistic banker scam is afoot to drive out Muslim and Christian tenants derived from a supernatural God from the underlying we all share and replace it with worship of a highly fallible state under U.N auspicious's.

Central to that state will be a population cull by hook or by crook.

Again...i hope my position is now clear to you.
Okay, I'm going to interject here, because I'm somewhat perplexed as well regarding this discussion.

Are you saying that Bush is purposely acting in a non-Christian way to "give religion a bad name?" so that in some way, shape or form this cause will effect a mandate that the people/state become worshippers of the UN?

How does this transference from worshipping GOD to worshipping the UN occur??

and, further, what is the point and or agenda for the NWO in this regard??

I think Pat Robertson has done his part in giving religion a "bad name."
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