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Default Re: NWO is cancer

Freeman, I do not dismiss the vast influences the Rothschilds have over the central banking and financial industries of today. I'm just pointing out the no. 1 900 lbs gorilla in the financial/investment banking world is Goldman Sachs. No spin there. Just plain fact.
And I do not question that fact from a strictly superficial standpoint, i. e., what the paper trail shows on the surface.
It has been obvious from various stories recently placed in the media that the Rothschilds have been trying to make their empire appear smaller, even diminishing; however, the Yukos deal demonstrates yet again how clever they are at using agents and spinning off subsidiaries in order to hide their overt tentacles of control.
And for the record, I am not absolutely convinced that the Rothschilds represent the pinnacle of the central bankster pyramid. They are simply the highest level we are currently able to discern.
All central banking works together in a cohesive, conspiratorial manner to implement the NWO agenda. Of that there is no doubt, no matter which singular entity is the largest or most powerful.
To digress for a moment, I find the Yukos incident particularly interesting in terms of how it appears to expose and even scapegoat Lord Rothschild, something that the family usually avoids. Therefore, I have to question whether there was an ulterior motive.
I have come to concur largely with the strategic assessment of Joel Skousen which Draken posted on this site in that the demise of the Soviet Union with the collapse of the Berlin Wall was a well-planned ruse. The power base controlling the USSR is the same as it has been since the start with Leo Trotsky -- and we know who financed him over friendly chess games in NYC.
Putin is being built up as a false hero, a champion who is combatting the NWO. In effect, he is a lackey to the top communist bosses who in turn are lackeys to the central banksters just like the politicians in this country. That is why they would go so far as to permit Putin to appear to expose the Rothschilds influencing the Soviet economy. And Putin's diatribes against Zionism, Masonry, central banking and the West are all histrionics. Keep in mind, this is the same guy who is also posing for photo ops with the Chabad Lubavitch.
The idea I believe is to fool the rest of the world into thinking of Putin as some sort of antihero who is taking on the New World Order and Illuminati, the clone of Uncle Joe Stalin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Stalin was the last and only Russian leader to achieve a modicum of wiggle room within the NWO via his Red Symphony intelligence; and they still eventually poisoned him when he was no longer useful to them. By comparison Putin is a standard issue aparatchnik.
Maybe the Yukos scandal was the cleverest trick the Rothschilds have pulled since Nathan's deception over Napolean's defeat at Waterloo.
Remember, if they let you see it, there is usually a reason.
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