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Default Re: NWO is cancer

On the subject of the top of the NWO pyramid...what of the Hapsbergs? A neighbour was pointing out that they made fortunes off the poor Inca's etc through theor Venetian operations...and now they have just disapeared?

I must admit you sent me Googling on that one...but I did recall certain rumors of the Rothschilds and Hapsburgs being interrelated through marriage, although here is a site which makes claims about a rare book which establishes that the Rothschild heritage began as part of the Hapsburg dynasty through a strange turn of events in the Middle East...

Hapsburg-Rothschild/De Medicis

I include a report from Jim Marrs which he sent to me. There is a great deal of importance in this if you also know who the Rothschilds are before their De Medicis relations like St. Germain gave them the spy network and Templar financial monopoly.

“At the turn of the 20th century, Emperor Franz Josef of Austria self published an extraordinary book, bound in green leather with a gold tipped binding, engraved and embossed plates of copper, steel and zinc. It was entitled, “An Ehren Und An Siegen Reich” (Toward an Honorable and Victorious Reich) {N.B. – This is what we are seeing carried out by Bush and Kissinger.} and was edited by a Dr. Joseph Alexander Freiherr von Helfert. It was a handmade one-of-a-kind book and apparently no more than five copies were published. Readership was limited to Habsburg family members. In this volume was a detailed history of the Habsburgs and the Holy Roman Empire and the prognostication of an coming Austrian-German super state. Each chapter had a different design and topic, covering the various aspects of the nation’s history. One of these copies ended up in the hands of Adolf Hitler who kept it secured during World War II. At the end of the war, a British soldier found the book in the ruins of Hitler’s chancellery and took it as a souvenir. In the late 1980s, this fellow died and the book passed it to his son who, not realizing the full worth of the book but knowing that it was an expensive volume, gave it to Jim Delittoso of Phoenix, AZ, to repay a loan which allowed him to return to Ireland and bury his father. Delittoso had the book appraised by Abe Feder, a Phoenix book appraiser who once worked for the Museum of Natural History in NYC. In 1997, Feder studied the book for several months. At least two persons participated in its translation. Feder told Jim Marrs, “I have never seen a book like this.” His appraisal of the book was essentially that it was “priceless”. In March, 1999, Jim Marrs visited Phoenix for the sole purpose of viewing this book. But, in a strange set of circumstances, the book was missing. A business associate of Delittoso had borrowed the book to use as collateral for a loan. The man who made the loan, let a business partner borrow the book. This fellow sold the book to another man for an undisclosed price. This man, in turn, sold it to another person, whose name has never become known. There was considerable speculation that someone along this line realized the importance of the book and secreted it away. However, Marrs has color photos of the book and interviewed a number of persons who had seen and/or studied the book. The amazing story recounted in this uncommon book is how the Habsburg line was infused with Jewish blood during the time of the 3rd Crusade. It seems that Frederick I Barbarossa, crowned emperor of the Holy Roman Empire in 1155 had a sickly son named Albrecht I by his wife Margaret, daughter of Gustav, king of Sweden. Frederick took his family with him to the Holy Land and while there took a Jewish wife named Rebeccah, who bore him a son who was named Albrecht II. Frederick died before returning home and Albrecht I was killed by assassins. Eventually Margaret and Albrecht II returned and Albrecht began a line including Albrecht III and IV leading to the Emperor Maximilian and the later Habsburg line. The name Rothschild is conspicuously mentioned in Franz Joseph’s book, indicating that this Jewish family is a part of the bloodline stemming from Albrecht II. This part of the Habsburg history was carefully hidden for years. Apparently Franz Josef decided it was time that the entire family learned of their heritage and published his extraordinary book.”
Hapsburg-Rothschild/De Medicis

I dunno, it always seems like any investigation of the Rothschilds always takes a circular turn...
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