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Come on matey!

Thats part 1...another 1 hour and 20 minutes to go.

He IS the boy of the moment and what he writes is PERFECTLY in synch with the immortal words..."Make the world British".

He is an Internationalist and opposes Bush...but then thats Bush's role. A "nice" Democrat Hillary President will be better suited to the task at hand...Leviathan in one hand and Sys/Admin in the other.

He has been at this for 6 years. He has not just appeared.

What he says is NOTHING new. I've just never seen it laid out so well before.

He wants to fashion the U.S Armed Forces into a highly focussed "Globalist Fist". Highly specialized and equipped for the hundred year war of the future. Focussed, equipped and ideologically indoctrinated into the cause. No fucking around.

Why will it fail? Because for it to work the Globalists need a complient U.S population willing to give up it's young to war. The population MUST be behind the war and that is not going to happen...soon.

It will take a nuke on U.S soil and MASSIVE anti-Islam sentiment to get it all going and I personally cant see that happening soon.

I see all out nuking by 2011-12 as their only realistic option with the U.N on the moral high ground, hence Bush. To finish it once and for all.


The U.S populace must be broken and made complient. Use your imagination for that one.

You are welcome NOMAD...

P.S If you want a good view on what the Globalists want, especially of the U.S, just watch "Starship Troopers". Exchange the "bugs" for Muslims and their ya go.
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