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Default Re: Does the NWO plan on destroying most the world, but preserving Europe?

I'll cuss you out till the fucking cows come home.

Dont piss in my pocket and tell me it's raining.

When i receive shit in the form of knit picking crap that is'nt even constructive knit picking but...i dont know what; i call it like it is.

As for being a Christian? I'm whatever I want to be at any given time. Christianity fits me at this moment. I adhere to NO dogma. I think for myself. I "experience" things for myself. I take the word of no man or money making organization such as the Churches.

I have no love for the New Testament as a is crapola and irrelevant to me. The words of men.

I have an AWFUL lot of respect for the words said to come from the mouth of one Jesus Christ. "Know God - Do unto your neighbour"...your ass will follow. I believe Christ was God incarnate and I can speak from personal experience. When you have experienced the "Mysterium Coinunctio" get back to me.

My distaste for the current phase of the NWO program is the simple premise that ultimate values will be replaced by "relative" ones based on the think tank whim of the moment.

This will lead to mass murder. Not just of Niggaz and Slant Eyes but of Whitey's too.

If you have a fucking problem with what I write, spell it out. Fucking nit picker sideline mouth offs get it. And whats more...lets here a few of your own idea's outside the normal reactionary shit I read every day.
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