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Default Re: Does the NWO plan on destroying most the world, but preserving Europe?

Could you please provide some examples as to how Bush and his Dominionist Evangelical flunkies are stoking the fire by discrediting Christianity to the point that the vast majority of Americans will be willing to abandon their traditional faith??

Perhaps possible, maybe probable, but in my mind highly unlikely.
1)The Pat Robertson fiasco with Chavez.
2)The Terry Schiavo fiasco.
3)The War in Iraq, an unprovoked act of aggression justified as a "Holy War" like the Crusades.
4)The militant religious right movement encompassing everthing from Eric Rudolph bombing abortion clinics to Fred Phleps'"God Hates Fags" ministry.

Even the most sincere, devout Christians are seeing things like this on a daily basis and questioning whether contemporary Christianity reflects their core beliefs and value systems. Slowly but surely they are being led towards another alternative, vis-a-vis that ol' debil Hegelian dialectic again.
When Bush crashes in the near future, taking the country along with him, his fair-weather religious right supporters will be the first to jump ship, since none of them are ensconced in any legitimate Christian values anyway. Like the suckers at entry level Freemasonry, they and the rest of the sheeple will gravitate toward the new one world religion, as they will be told that it is ecumenical and encompasses "all true belief systems".
In short, Bush is the poster boy for Anti-Christianity, and every day he wins more converts for Satan through his false witness.
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