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Default Re: Does the NWO plan on destroying most the world, but preserving Europe? say it so much better.

It just seems so obvious to me.

Bush is a COMPLETE caricature...he is the proverbial "Goldstein".

If you really wanted to take over the world and instill your value system...aka: PENUT Document...would you employ "W" as the figure head?

They say Jeb was up for the job but was considered to compromised? Too compromised as compared to what? His idiot brother? Bill "Mena/Whitewater" Clinton?

To elaborate...the man cannot read. The man cannot write. The man cannot, literally, string a coherent sentence together. He is a complete fool lauded around the world as a nut case. Even though's, for the war, here in Oz cringe at the sight of Bush...that is his job. Though I believe him to be the unwitting Patsy.

In the words of the shampoo commercial..."it wont happen overnight, but it will happen".

"They" wish to dispense with the Supernatural God and the prophets ASAP. Not just because it's a "Satanic Conspiracy" but also because we are cocky, arrogant shits who, like a 2 year old child, have learnt to walk and now believe we're God...till we fall on our arse and learn better. There are limits. Everything has it's season and the ego of man will have to wait till Gods good and ready.

However, i'd prefer not to have to collectively fall on our arse...aka: death, destruction, mayhem. Hav'nt we had enough already?

P.S...remember their is the rest of the planet out there. Europe especially is in the grip of the Secular Humanist movement and are dabbling in all sorts of dark shit. Bush and the so called "Neo-cons" have simply re-inforced their view that Europe knows best. Soon Hillary will be travelling to and fro when she's President...apolagising for all those crazy Christians back the camps now thank God. Oooops, cant say God...thank the new laws on Religious Freedom - actually the freedom to be free of the constraints of religion.
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