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Default Re: How Sick Is Jewish Orthadoxy? This Sick...

Lets not hurt our heads contemplating such things.

I'll dig up my cheap Chinese assault rifle. You line them up and I'll do the rest.

Who's filling in the hole?

I tire of making excuses for these people and all the other filth. My mummy did'nt hug me...always an excuse, always the "system", always "someone else's" fault.

Something deep inside says that sucking an infant boys cock after circumcision for the ridiculous reason of "blood removal" "not on". It's not up for debate. It REALLY IS'NT...there is always sterile Normal Saline Soloution. Like other humans use these days.

The "Jooze" have hidden behind the "holocaust" long the Khazar Converts what they are...Satanic, filthy little perverts.

The simple test is make the "Orthadox" Jew into a "Fundamentalist" Islamist and now use your imagination to gauge the public reaction...Ooooo, i see lynchings...but here they "wring their hands" balancing health with religious freedom.
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