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Default Re: How Sick Is Jewish Orthadoxy? This Sick...

freeman wrote:
These men create alters in their slaves who are child-like because they are pedophilia's and, of course, prefer children.
Would you say they are natural pedophiles or are they in turn conditioned to that behavior?
I'm not a "psychiatrist," but if you are raised in that type of environment, I would think that you are conditioned to that behavior.

Honestly, now, I have three children and the abuse I suffered was so horrific that I knew I wanted to prove them wrong. I wanted to prove to THEM that I could escape their craziness, get married, have a family and be the most loving, caring mother, wife and friend on the face of the planet.

I wanted a normal, successful life and for the most part, I have reached my goal!!

99 percent of the time, children, like myself, who were raised in sexually abusive families/cults or who were victim's of mind control programs where sexually deviant behavior is present go on to lead the same life-style and, yes, through conditioning.

We adapt to our environment. We know this.

I did not adapt!!

Like tb mentioned, love from mother and father is withheld and when I was older, if a hug was ever attempted, I just wanted to cringe!!!
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