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I think the extreme mind control of the CIA is quite well known about but it is only used for high-level purposes if it is done to an individual. Such things as producing an assassin or training someone who will later on find the doors open to them to become an important diplomat and so on. What tends to interest me much more though is the mind control done to us, the population. There is evidence of using microwaves and mobile phone networks to transmit signals that can affect the mind but this is not really an everyday occurrence so far. Certain individuals who are a danger to the state claim they have been targeted, as do the women who protested at greenham common. However there are a lot of other simpler techniques and some date back thousands of years. Some of these are so effective because no one suspects. Here are a few.


This was first discovered by the ancient Chinese in relation to how certain tones can alter the state of consciousness. Rhythm is also important especially the rate of 50- 70 bpm which is the heart rate. Double that rate is also apparently significant as well.
Subliminal messages are encoded into a lot of pop music these days and many techniques can be used to disguise words as sounding like an instrument in the recording using complex audio processing techniques. Back tracking was also used from the 70ís onwards since the unconscious mind is believed to be able to understand something reversed.

Chanting, Marching
As with music a repetitive rate equal to the heart beat and used by all the military.

Yoga, Meditation
Puts the mind into an alpha state so it becomes very suggestible to anything mentioned at the time

Lack of certain nutrients can have debilitating effects on the mind. Chemical additives are also damaging and/or some have psychoactive properties. A large ingestion of sugar can have a destabilising effect as the blood/sugar level fluctuates.

Creates an alpha state of consciousness thereby preventing the minds ability to be critical and reject illogical or undesirable suggestions. Subliminal effects can be achieved by inserting a few frames of some image, which is not seen consciously. This is supposed to be illegal yet advertisers work on the boundary often.

Computer games
Especially heavy on classical and operant conditioning so that learned responses can be programmed in the scoring such as the winner is the one that shoots the greatest number. Very good at creating impulsive responses.

Similar to alpha state since it impairs the functioning of the prefrontal lobe of the brain, the area used for logical/abstract reasoning and also moral reasoning. Injuries to this area show as a total inability to experience conscience when harming another person.

Neuro linguistic programming
A way of programming the brain using words in certain ways. A very complex science and used by politicians and public speakers as the norm. Tony Blair speeches are full of it.

One of the most basic motivations of the mind. Sex is the other and these two often are used in conjunction with conditioning.

Treating people like animals essentially but the ways are many and varied and modern Art is but one place it occurs. The army also use it in their training.

Psychiatric drugs.
Drugs like Ritalin and Prozac are especially widespread but for clinical cases chemical lobotomies can easily be achieved.

The most powerful out of the lot and can include control via demonic possession, certainly a favourite of the Illuminati.

OK so Iím sure I have left loads out so please feel free to add to the list.
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