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Default Re: Thinkin' like a terrorist....

As the "terrorists" are Muslims.. So they say.. I can't see why they wouldn't aim at the heart of their enemy, the money changers, (modern translation = currency exchange centers.)
But, I don't believe that the "terrorists" are Arabs... I think the terrorists are employed by the NWO..
I personally think that al Qaeda is the Massad/CIA/M16, being hired by their boss, the multigenerational Rothschild family...
My own research and analysis has generated all of the same conclusions. Yes, real Muslim terrorists would have struck at the heart of the beast, the central banking facade; therefore, I can only conclude that there are no real Muslim terrorists, just religious patriots fighting to save their homelands from Western aggressors.

expect America to get a knife in the back for helping them to take over the most valuable real estate in the world.. They will probably Nuke us if we demand a share of the oil.. They have enough nukes to destroy the world as we know it... .But then again, what am I thinking?..

Do we deserve any less for what we have permitted our leaders to do in the name of patriotism, Christianity and this pseudo war on terror? Can we realistically expect the rest of the world to even care when our day or reckoning comes due?

I like both of your ideas, sable and Mary. You both show a real clearcut understanding of the system we are up against.
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