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Default Re: New Orleans' is Drowning!!

freeman wrote:
I've never witnessed a more blatant, devious and obvious attack upon the American people by any other President (am I mistaken?) and yet everyone just continues about their business.
I think the original 9/11 and FDR's Pear Harbor charade are still in the running.
But like Truebeliever, I do not see Bush as the mastermind, just the dupe inserted into authority to take the blame for all of these atrocities.
Not that I feel sorry for him, either. He is obviously Satanic, sociopathic and dumb as a doorknob.
One man alone is not responsible for the decades of deceit and atrocities that we have witnessed around the world.

Of course, Bush isn't the mastermind. They're all behind the curtains.

They are the "secret and shadow government."

Bush isn't acting on the Hurricane disaster because THEY are controlling him!!

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