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Default Re: Thinkin' like a terrorist....

"religious patriots fighting to save their homeland from western aggressors."

that is i who I am. that is how i see many here.

How does it feel to be a true Iraqi? I believe a few people here have quite a deep perception of the scale of history being created under the facade of world religions and politics - satanism in its rawest form.

Complete dstruction. This is the game these boys are playing with their monopoly board. It has become more than just a boardgame, it is a globalized way of life. Own all the utilties and you'll do well. Buy up all the land in one neck of the woods and build your expensive condo's; charge your high rent.

Bankrupt means out of the game: dispensable in its broadest sense. You and your family. The game rule book was lost long ago. New rules are constantly changing the boundaries of right and wrong.

Have we hit moral bankruptcy?

I believe so.

There is nothing a dollar cannot buy. Nothing.

Here's to making an amazing movie. I also believe that a number of these posts should be amalgamated as a book. - the book. Could be a New York Times best Seller before they realised they let the cat out of the bag.

THE Conspiracy book. The advertising would be a breeze.

Dear henry. I will amalgamate threads into a cohesive outine to understanding the NWO from the hegelian dialect to funny money to the corrupt elite... and i'll send it by email.

I believe it really could be a best-seller. And most informative to the sheeple of society.

Mary XXX

necessity: the mother of invention

N.B. Freeman - I care. America did not create this steaming pile of shit called globalization. Bush was just the head puppet of the head puppet country. America shouldn't bear the brunt of the world's hatred unless that's the way the NWo was thinking... and wants the world to think. They can piss off.

God Bless America. America had the right idea once and you'll certainly do it again. I believe in the American dream of education, freedom, health, wealth, family and happiness for all. That is the heart of America that God has most certainly blessed.
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