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Default Re: Is Anyone Following the Gaza Strip Situation?

Always good info Drak.

A good friend and mentor was the personal bodygaurd for General "Boy" Browning (parachute regiment) who was administrating Palestine just after WW2.

The sympathy from the propaganda after the war ensured that British soldiers who were meant to be containing Jewish immagration, on the whole, refused to stop them coming in. They would catch them on the beaches and simply let them go or drop their weapon and make a noise so the groups could scurry away into the darkness.

Even with the great deal of sympathy directed at the immigrants it did'nt stop the "Stern Gang" from murdering British soldiers and doing everything they could to knock off General Browning.

Bernard would tell how ruthless they were even though the British soldiers did not want to fight them and indeed showed grat acts of kindness...guilt was running high after the war. A potent weapon of the propagandist.
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