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Default Re: Another "training exercise" on the way.

They are playing us like fiddles...Stradivarius's to be exact.

There will be NO nuke on U.S soil. But it will keep us all on our toes. Even ones far away in Oz.

The Administration will NEVER get away with it.

NOT impossible but HIGHLY improbable.

Who is releasing ALL this stuff? You dont think the internet community is up for a scam? Some specific attention from the Globalists?

Look towards a "slow" economic meltdown using several devices including oil price, money contraction and "convienent" natural disasters.

Also, Israel. Watch out for a MAJOR terrorist attack on Israel and blamed on Iran...with Israel retaliating. Also a local Middle Eastern event leaving hundreds of U.S servicemen/women dead. Carrier sinking comes to mind.

The Neo-cons have convienently placed themselves in an UNTENABLE position. Should undue pressures arise, Bush may escape world condemnation by saying he had NO choice given the STRETCHED limitations of the U.S Armed Forces.

Perhaps even a contrived border event in Korea? The list is endless.

Rest nukes on U.S soil...i think :-(
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