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Default Re: Over 1000 Dead In Iraq. Shi'ite's On Religious Procession

I just hope the Iraqi's work it out as peacefully as possible.

Just remember the North & the South are VERY peaceful. Not perfect but VERY quiet in contrast to the Sunni central areas.

Iraq is made up of more than Sunni's.

I beleieve Bush's masters want as much chaos as possible there. After all, how can he invade or threaten ANYONE else if the Iraqi's are all docile and rebuilding?

On the rebuilding issue...they seem to be going as SLOWLY as possible in the quiet South while the North (Kurds) are BURNING along. It just happens that the North is also over run with Israeli's. Both the military and private contractors...people also buying up private're almost there fella's...almost there...

I guess only the Iraqi's can bring peace to themselves. Even if they find it...certain forces will do everything to keep the place divided and conquored, especially that little place to the West. 49963929c385db2f867470399626
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