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Default Re: We Did It Bush's Way...

freeman wrote:
The man makes so much effort to look smart and confident that it really looks like he is enjoying the disaster. Are we the only ones who can see it ? Are people in the US blind ???
No, we here in the U. S. see it all the time, but we are powerless to do anything about it. The last two elections were rigged for Bush to win, with the most recent one utilizing Skull and Bones brother John Kerry as a safeguard in case the fix didn't take.
Bush's evil smile is a byproduct of his dysfunctional, sociopathic, mind-controlled personality. I believe he was a victim of Satanic ritual abuse from his childhood. Several psychologists have described the traumatic experience of his youth, where his sister died of leukemia when Bush was only about six years old, and the family neither grieved openly nor permitted young George to grieve. When he has been questioned about this incident in interviews, his response is akin to what you describe: eye-fluttering, stammering, feebly smiling. Like an automaton about to overload its microprocessor.
A female comedian named Wanda Sykes compared Bush's evil grin to "a villain tying a woman down to the train tracks."

Bush is a "babbling idiot." This is how he was described.

Elections have been fixed always!! They place those in power who serve them.

They look for gifted and talented children from very early ages.

They know who will be President long into the future.

They vowed never to allow another Kennedy in office after JFK betrayed them. Robert was killed and JFK, jr. was killed as it was rumored he was thinking about political life.

The "evil" grin is hard to contain when he knows it is inappropriate, but is delighting inside.

Bill Mahr asked Cindy Sheehan why she didn't go over Bush's head to Cheney and she said, I did go over Bush's head. I took my case to the American people.
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