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Default Re: NWO The Method Used At The Present time! Marxism or Ultra Capitalist Corp Monopoly Domination!??

Ozziecynic, could it be that your problem is too much focusing on labels like "conspiracy", "socialist" or "ultra capitalist"? May be you should just open your eyes and try to understand reality without the filters of the labels. Of course, this is very difficult if you trust the mainstream media since they are pretty good at showing you oasis mirages where there is only desert.

Just go ahead my friend, use your eyes and your brain, understanding is not given in a pack ready to consume. Reading the articles of Henry Makow and many others can help you understand the reality of what is called the "New World Order". The more you observe and think by yourself, the more you will be able to select among the real information and the garbage. And the more you will be able to stay free in your mind, which is the real treasure on the island called "life".
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