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Default Re: Why in the world are people committing suicide in the Superdome?

If they are not going to deal with this type of disaster, certainly, then when the big one hits us, we will enter third world status and we can trust that there will be no assistance from them other than to bring us under Marshall Law, military rule and police state.

This is a test.

Testing, one, two, three!!

Our government cannot organize a military relief effort and assist the people of this country in crisis, just as they STOOD DOWN on 911, but can deploy thousands of troops overseas to KILL innocent men, women and children and allow our own to die needlessly.

And this, in the name of freedom and democracy.

They have ceased and desisted from taking care of their own.

It is downhill from here.

They desire to bring America to her knees.

Economic collapse.

Cities and towns dying.

Third world country after WWIII?
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