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You're right, Mary. I have been negligent in terms of addressing this post.
Bryon, the legal system is corrupt because 99.9% of all lawyers are freemasons, de facto Satanists who cover up the sins and crimes of their blood brothers. In fact, in my home state, it is virtually impossible to be admitted to the bar or elected to political office without becoming a member of the evil craft. In this way, they control government and the political system, and this is why you are having no success finding representation. I know. Been there, done that.
But you need help, not didactics, so I suggest you try the Mason Stoppers Hotline. Email
At the bottom of this webpage:

mason stoppers line

Don't get frustrated if you have trouble getting through the first time or two. Freemasonrywatch is constantly under attack by the forces of evil for the good work that they do.

And as sablefish, says, keep praying. It is the most powerful line of defense against these non-spiritual demons.
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