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Default Re: Why in the world are people committing suicide in the Superdome?

Do you think it's possible there are provocateurs to stir the pot, and push this perverse experiment in mob mentality to its max?
Information has already filtered through the media that the people shooting at relief helicopters and terrorizing the remaining citizenry of New Orleans are "street gangs" taking advantage of the chaos.
Yeah, right. And who controls those gangs by providing them employment in the drug running business, as well as all of the other convetional vices?
Yep, none other than George H. W. Bush Sr. and his Mason/Mafia co-conspirators. (You know him as our former "drug czar" under the Reagan administration; there's one of the great misnomers of all time.)
Knowing that they already created and control these "agents of influence", it is not a much larger leap of faith to assume that they have also provoked and encourged their response to this crisis.

If they are not going to deal with this type of disaster, certainly, then when the big one hits us, we will enter third world status and we can trust that there will be no assistance from them other than to bring us under Marshall Law, military rule and police state.
Neoconservative types are already screaming "anarchy". Expect the New Orleans holocaust to be spun into yet another pretext for increased Homeland Security and police state policies.
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