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:-D 789 I am getting very tired of your small brained Redneck Bigotry this is definately the last post in this thread that you will recieve from me so dont expect any more attention my opinion of you is final!

The communist manifesto ?)
Who said I was communist? Lies and slander the only a thing pea brain low intellect can rely on to win an argument over limited cognitive ability!.
You havent bothered to answer many of the important questions I posted previously you have simply avoided answering them which only proves I have won the argument because you constanly avoid them.
You also continually keep putting assumptions e.g Marxist communist, to my name which i have never claimed in an attempt disinform by slander the act of a desperate person that cant debate without slander and lies!.

How is it, that through your tax-payer funded high education you never learned about
constitutional republic, limited government ? (No need to answer.)
I dont expect anything from you redneck.
Wealth redistribtion has already been arranged i simply take my entitlements as the state grants them, just like anyone else expects the government to bail them out when they are unemployed or hit the wall due to crony business practices and loans not being able to be repaid or acts of God like droughts and bad weather!
For these things most people expect government handouts I am sure some hypcrite like yourself would be the first to ask for one despite all your anti government rehtoric your all piss and wind!

Personally i look forward to the day that your pissy little enterprise hits the wall or gets gobbled by a corporate monopoly or your dumb enough to take on a loan you cant repay and your half owned material gets confiscated!.
Your a nasty piece of work and full hatred and as the saying goes what goes around surely will come around!Youll get yours!As fascist you derseve to get nailed!. :-x

As for this
constitutional republic, limited government ? (No need to answer.)
Thats why I am glad I dont live in the U.S and have no desire to have its greedy brash stupid culture shuved down my throat unfortunately I have very littel choice in the matter due to globalisation and the FTA agreement!.
Although you should realise that the majority of Australians voted to retain the English Monarch so it seems the Economic rationalist Republican types plans for a puppet Republic in Australia have been foiled atleast for the time being! Hooray! :-D
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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