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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

The sex industry and its promotion into mainstream is very damaging indeed, it gives a false image of life and especially women. As Henry says, women have an overriding need to love and be loved and anything less will not bring lasting fulfilment. The constant bombardment of sexual innuendo and soft porn in everyday TV shows and films let alone full on porn is nothing less than psychological assault. I can actually feel it physically when I'm visually assaulted; it feels like someone is grabbing yet another handful of my flesh/heart never to be returned or recovered. Can anyone else relate to that?

The thing is, us women don't need to be strippers to have men ogle us in a disrespectful manner. Men see sexualised material all the time in the general media; newspapers, magazines, billboards, TV programmes and of course the Internet. They see images and situations where women are portrayed as sexual objects who want and prefer sex with no strings attached, it's a form of brainwashing and it's worked, men believe the rubbish they read/watch and display their lust openly by ogling us 'normal' women on the street, in the workplace, even in the bloody supermarket! Funnily enough, the ones in the supermarkets usually have small children with them; it makes me want to puke. The men have become feminists too and are loving it as they can now get sexual fulfilment without giving anything back. I remember a few years ago men didn't want to marry you just go out with you or live together, now they don't even want that they just want to sleep with you! Feminism is to blame ggggrrrrrr I detest feminism and everything it stands for. All around me I hear women saying isn't it great that they can sleep with who ever they want and work (consume) until they drop serving some corporate pig.

There is a new reality show being filmed this year in England involving mothers and daughters competing for the same men, pitting mothers against daughters in this sexual way is morally corrupt and the incestuous undertones leave me cold. No doubt, some stupid, stupid mothers out there will watch this rubbish then encourage their daughters to go out 'on the pull' together. We'll be having paedophile reality shows next!

But then we need pornography and feminism to make us feel inadequate and dysfunctional, so dysfunctional that most would fight to the death to defend it :-(
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