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Default Re: Feminism and pornography

Ana... do you really want to know sweetie?

Of course you do, you dynamic girlie - girl!

I agree 110 % with your last post. Very astute woman, ye be, me lady.

The outstanding difference I saw was family morality. There are the women who drop their kids off to the childminder at 7:00 am, pick them back up at 7:00 p.m. What is the point? I noticed that a lot in England and I'm sure it is here too.

In England I saw a lot more young lads walking besides the pushchairs and prams of their girlfriends, than i do in my neck of the woods. i saw more people working opposing shifts in England to try and make sure a parent was with the kids. More family support, in general,in England.

What else... the men and feminism.

I have seen the wholesale spread of Consumerism whitewash over the British since 91'. The british gentleman is being lost to tony bliar's education, education, education. Britain is swallowing the american consumers dream which is really just the bankers globalization. Not a pretty picture.

I personally find British society more mature than canadian. Your school system was leaps ahead and is also being currently dumbed down to Nova Scotian standards... duhhhhh. They will soon be on a par.

The men... Canadian men are very chauvanistic, in general, at best. Media programming. They really have not been encouraged to be free thinkers. My husbands have all been foreign. And no, that's not cool. I wish things had been different, for my children's sake and such is life. One marriage 4 life is my ideal and i'll keep trying until i get it right.

Canadians and British both have a kind spirit and will help in times of need. Around these parts, I find the people really look inbred... no joke. It's not very attractive in a male. Intelligence in male or female form is just so hard to find in the form of an independent thinker, without buckets of baggage. Very few people are enjoying peace in these crazy times.

There are some very nice, good looking men and too insular, coming from North America. I find British men have been readily exposed to more cultures and are more at peace.

Hence why the BNP is in full force behind Tony bringing in the refugees, treating them blatantly better, than her own poorest and eldest citizens (no disrespect intended to any refugees. take what you can get. it's the government who is trying to create very bad race relations through directed overt spin doctor media methods. Cherry Blair's law firm handles a lot of refugee claims... and makes a lot of money of that little sweet deal.

Most men are blind to what we speak more here, than there. The British seem to have been taught a greater capacity for reasoning. Just my observation. I am not judging anyone here, before anyone goes on the attack. This is my perspective and I thought I'd share.

Toodles Ana

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