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On the subject of our beloved Prince Charles.

Charle's mentor and God Father to the kiddies, was the one and only Sir Laurens Van Der Post. Van Der Post wrote the "seed And The Sower" which was turned into the film "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" starring the faggy one David Bowie.

Van Der Post writes alot on Africa and inparticular the Khalahari Bushmen. I actually like Van Der Post alot.

He was also best friends with the alledged father of the new age...Carl Gustav Jung.

Jung's entire psychology is centered around the individual dignity of man. DO NOT believe the TOTAL shit written about him and his work. He was indeed a HIGHLY FLAWED man but seeing as he never claimed to be God we can let him off the hook...a little.

Jung DESPISED secret societies. He DESPISED anything that prevented the individual unfolding of the human personality. That includes membership to ANY organization which requires submission to a "creed" or "group think" mentality. For Jung, religion was about "experience" and keeping in contact with the divine. You cannot do that if you are "fitting in". However, Jung also made note that you cannot expect ALL people to suddenly become capable of standing alone and that membership of a "group" was nescessary if the individual ego was too weak to stand alone.

Jung ALWAYS pushed people back into their faith if they still had any, as a protection from the forces of the unconscious. He warned against people taking on "the cloak of the East" over the top of their Western/Christian original state. He used examples from the East to elaborate on the "Christian Myth"...not to destroy it. He always claimed that Christianity was a valid point of reference for the West but did not like the lack of the "feminine" in it's structure...hence his support of the Catholic church and the raising up of the Virgin Mary which I think was a mistake. Remember, at the time the planet was facing nuclear war and Jung considered the return of the Feminine Feeling Function vital to the planets survival.

Whatever...i digress.

The point is...Jungs work centered on the concept of "Individuation"...or the process of becoming ones "Self" as God intended. Humans were NOT a "Tabula Rasa" or "Blank Slate" but were in fact highly individual and the seeds of ones destiny were contained within and the role of society was to support and encourage this unfolding.

Van Der Post adheres to this view exactly and I find it hard to believe he would countenence Charlies enrolement in Masonry. I believe Charlies NOT a Mason but he's still an Elitist prick who needs a slap.

Thats my view on it anyway.
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