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Default Re: NWO The Method Used At The Present time! Marxism or Ultra Capitalist Corp Monopoly Domination!?

I think that we all have different ideas about who and what the NWO really is. I feel the NWO encompasses all evil and suffering on this planet we call home. All wars have been financed by the NWO which would lead you to believe that the NWO is in favor of death and distruction, disease and starvation...anything that cuts the population down. The NWO wants the worlds population decreased by 80% so they can survive. They want control of all natural resources and food supplies so they can survive. They want the U.S. to fail so we become a 3rd world nation begging for help from the all controling world government that they are trying to install right now. It is not just the U.S., but Russia, Europe, Ausralia, Canada, South America, etc. etc. It is all encompassing. the NWO has chosen to take aver the American government because we have the most money, the strongest military and the most dumbed down, nonthinking population in the world. Our country is full of sheeple who do not pay attenton to what is going on, only that they can have there big meals and fancy cars and big houses. As long as there is a lap of luxury here in the states, no one is going to say anything. Our only hope is that all of us who are aware can join together under one common goal to save humanity from enslavement and domination.

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