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Default Re: Two truths, many questions

The rage comes in the loss of child like simplicity when we are indoctrinated into the "adult" world.

White is black and black is white. Nothing confuses a child more than hypocrisy which the adult world is filled with.

Children are helpless and will join their oppressor as anyone with knowledge of mind control techniques can attest.

In a way, there is a strong argument that the indoctrination process begins at home. Where children are not constantly experiencing the feeling that they are welcome and considered a joy and a great miracle from God...which we are on a purely practical level.

Instead I hear nothing on the street but..."hurry up". "Get amove one". "God you're a pain in the arse". "Stop your whinging". "You will do as you're damn well told while I pay for this roof over your head and the food on the table". "Disobey me one more time and I'll give you a hiding with this belt". And on...and on....and on...

On both the subtle and overt levels...children are informed...if they do not submit; If they do not follow orders; If they do not fill the needs of the system instead of attending their own God given needs, they are worthless and they will be punished and ultimately abandoned which to a child means literal death and the reason Dr Phil and Oprah do such good business.

Defeating the current phase of the New World Order and the descent into a Satanic, heartless, Elite, Illuminati/Masonry controlled system starts at home.

Children who feel they are special and valued by their parents and community and that their is an omnipotent being who cares about them as individuals and will help them when in need cannot be victims of the NWO.

We must start at home and in our close communities.

Think Globally, act locally.

The system is made up of individuals. Every single person who escapes the Matrix is a victory for God. Just speaking the truth is a victory no matter how small.

One person at a time.

I've had a few coffee's, i'm feeling optimistic. The sun is shining and i'm heading down the beach for a souvlaki and iced coffee.

Sorry for being such an aggressive pig.

Till my next explosion and impassioned plea for forgiveness...i will never stop being a loud mouthed pig...i will just aim more accurately...
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