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I dont disagree. But I think Masonry and the various other Elite groupings will tolerate someone if there wrold view is the same. I'm sure he's a Bilderberger.

I tell you...if the pre-requisite for Satanic thought is Charlies then I can count at least half the worlds population as Satanic.

If the question is..."is Charlie a card carrying Mason"...then i'd say no. But you are right that his world view is similar but that is because at it's height Masonry is an Elite concoction.

He is an EXTREMELY arrogant personality and I doubt he will bring himself to join anything. Lord Mountbatton was also a great mentor of his and much beloved by him. I read that Mountbatton was DEAD against Masonry...they may have played a role in his assassination.

He is indifferent. I remember Charlies well known comment over Indonesia's use of British supplied weaponry on the East Timorese. He replied..."well if we dont sell it to them someone else will". Thats what I mean by the devil here...just a human being who needs a little suffering himself to engage his "compassion" part of the brain.

I see the "I dont give a fuck...power over people attitude" EVERYWHERE! Hell, even my sister considers a cull of the Asians o.k though if you'd call her a racist she'd be genuinely shocked. Indifference is EVERWHERE. I think in large part because the Western World is SO comfortable. I gained my world view in part through suffering and being around people who were suffering. Nursing enabled me to be present at incredibly painful moments. It made me REALISE that life WAS indeed precious and in a moment of cruel fate you could be smashed to smithereens with your head 100m further down the road from your body.

I think we gain our compassion and strong familial and community bonds through shared suffering and struggle. The reason for people taking Ecstasy is in large part to recover that feeling of "togetherness". Look at combat soldiers and how they wax lyrical on the "bond" between men in combat. That you would die for your brothers in arms. We crave that intense feeling of togetherness. Our Golden Cages make us lose it and in the end turn on each other as we try to escape the matrix. Life without struggle is not worth living. Hence the desire for intense romance in our intimate relationships.

Whatever...perhaps the point is moot. I see an awful lot of people who adhere to the "Rationalist/Darwinist" World view who in terms of behaviour mirror the Masonry/Illuminati world view...perhaps thats the point...thats what "they've" been working at from the beginning and are succeeding well.

Perhaps that is in the end why the Kennedy's had to be killed. They were Elitist but in a Nationalistic sort of way. I dont see Kennedy as an Internationalist though at first glance through the rhetoric he may appear so.

Perhaps nationalism is just another name for loving your community enough to see a wolf at the edge of the village and not mistake it for a bunny rabit.
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