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Default Re: Synchronicities In Films

Synchronicity would say that ALL things are connected at ALL times. People during psychosis see "meaning" everywhere...because their is. The ego must filter it out or it could never be an ego.

At a certain energy point the "meaningful coincidence" breaks through into consciousness in the ordinary person.

So, just for fun...synchronicity says that we were meant, from the beginning of time to meet on the net and exchange "numbers". What was the first thing that sprung to mind...Mathew 12:34 - "Brood of vipers! How can you, being evil, speak good things? For out out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Hmmmm...that could be meaningful on many levels. The point of the post...Hollywood, secret little messages - SHANNOW is having a lend and knew that number was the Mathew quote and it suited him :-)...could be meaningful to me given my foul mouth of late. Thats the point of synchronicity. It's meaningful to the individual outside of "obvious" time and space causality.

5:56...hmmmm....nothing springs up for me personally while I went straight for the New Testament with those first numbers. Actually! 5.56mm - standard NATO round...bullets. Ring any bells? Lightweight bullet designed to penetrate and "tumble" causing nasty wounds.

The theme for me personally of those numbers is that God is trying to tell me that I am a foul mouthed pig who hurts peoples feelings with his nasty replies. Works for me? Thats the point. Also...i mentioned "aiming" my replies better.

What of you SHANNOW?
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