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>> I am getting very tired of your small brained
In stead of raising your voice you should reinforce your arguement, but you have none so you name call.

>>Who said I was communist ?
You did. Walks and talks like a duck ... might be a communist duck.
Unfortunately you don't even know what you were inductrinated into in government school.

>>my entitlements as the state grants them
Exactly Sir, property of the state (globalist state at that). Freedom carries with responsibility, that is why you chose slavery. You might make a nice little apparatchnik and lord it over you victims. One day you will run out of producers and won't be able to confiscate their earnings, then what will you do.

Obviously you are great friend of the new world order and what it brings to you, so what is your problem with it ?

The third way/option would have been a good idea as envisioned by the gand-daddy of the third way Lawrence Dennis, in his "Coming of American Fascism"
but it never happened. Today it is just marxism lite for for not so clear reasoning educated ones and naive anarchicts.

Intellectual Morons
why the left hates America

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