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Default Re: Re-evaluating Fascism

Political correctness is a Communist invention. Let's not fall in their trap!

The Neo-Cons and so called Capitalism in general are FAR MORE socialist than "fascist" or Capitalist by any measure.

It is a centralized powerful state populated by minions of a "controlling" ideology which has NOTHING to do with an efficient to and fro between the state and private capital and the producer and consumer.

It is Stalinist/Trotskyite/Leninist Empire building in the PUREST sense and should NEVER be mistaken for the true nature of so called "far right" fascism.

It is also known as "Power Mad" politics ending in chaos. Fascism tends towards order and i'll take the Right and tradition over the idiot Left and chaotic mayhem ANY day.

Long but good post. Print it out and read it over a day or two.
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