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Default Re: Rothschilds-past and future Kings of Kabalistic Khazaria

freeman wrote:
Thanks, Insititute. That's a lot of valuable additional background for me, since I was already aware of the Khazar Ashkenazi phenomenon from reading Arthur Koestler's The Thirteenth Tribe.
I'm certain it has been referenced before on this website, but just for sake of review, this short, well-researched book is available online:

The Thirteenth Tribe

Yes, more and more, this looks like a European Kabbalist one world government, rather than the Zionist Israeli example more commonly proposed.
Which tends to give more credence to Biblical prophecy that has the nation of Israel turning back to God and fighting off the European Union and Russia at Armageddon.
...So will the Ashkenazis finally turn on their own Jewish brethren? Maybe even scapegoat them?
Will Kabbalism finally shed its cloak of Jewish respectability after it enslaves the Western world into its restored Khazar kingdom via the NWO? :-?
Free man , I believe that creation of the state of Israel is the most cunning thing that pagan Khazar Jews ever made. It is a powerful smoke scree that covers their real aim
- revival of their Kingdom -Khazaria at the territories of Eurasia with Jewish Askenazim -Khazar King at its top- one of the Rothschilds.

That is why NWO is actualy feudalistic project. And this is a reason why Rotschilds launched the project of faked demaocracy and parlamentarism centuries ago. They wnated to destroy old aristocracy in order to make themselves Kings. They believe how they were Kings of Khazaria.
That is why they do not want to have only finacial power -they want to rule Europe openly as Kings.

Former israeli prime minister Ukrainian -Khazarian Jew- Golda Mabovitch Meyerson Meir, in an interview with italian communist journalist Oriana falachi said " oh, if there is promised land for Jews on the Earth, then it would be Ukraina and caucasus- jewish arian land Khazaria
Not all Jews are the Freemasons-but all the Freemasons are the \"Jews\".
\"Come,I will give you some from the Synagogue of Satan,those that call themselves Jews but aren\'t - on the contrary they are lying...\"
Revelation 3:9 (Jewish New Testament)
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