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Default Smuggling a Suitcase Nuke In Under The Cover Of Chaos - Part 2 In The Act?

Just a thought.

The U.S has officially asked the E.U for assistence with energy reserves and other commodities. This seems a short step away from asking the U.N for assistence in an official manner.

By being stretched so thin...the government could argue that "terrorists" callously used the U.S peoples suffering as a cover to get in and set off a nuke. Already their is chaos. It seems that with a series of events they could possibly pull it off.

The point will be to carry the argument that local U.S law enforcement and National Gaurd CANNOT contain the situation and FOREIGN TROOPS will be required to restore services and order.

This happened in Roman times when a large band of escaped slaves formed an Army and roamed Italy plundering for a couple of years until several Roman Legions could get back from recent conquests to restore order.

As I watch things unfold I get the feeling something more is to come. Something quite specific. This is a VERY oppurtune moment and the globalists would NEVER waste it.

Also...the situation that befell New Orleans is being called COMPLETELY EXPECTED. I would like to know how it is that the levee broke in only 2 places? How is that? You build to EXTREME specs...why did'nt it hold? What were the special circumstances? Another WTC 7?

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