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Default Re: Thinkin' like a terrorist....

How about a terrorist theme song for your movie
If I was a terrorist I would own WMD's and accuse everybody else of doing the same
If I were a terrorist I would attack the World trade centers just to piss off Bush and Co. so they can use the US military to steal more oil from the mideast and build more launching pads for future wars.
If I was a terrorist I would be employed by the government because freedom fighting does not pay as well.

Well If I was an actual terrorist I would have a multi cultural gang of hackers who cached all governmental top secrets and plans. Use this info against them when ever possible.
I would steal/borrow the last few numbers
ex $100.00xxxxx
of currency exchanges all across the world and let the crypto-cash grow into a nice size bank account , to be used for funding anti-NWOism propaganda.
I would kidnap ex-politicians who thought that sabotaging an entire country was not detremential
to their well being, and of course teach them a lesson.

Wow I wonder how much sugar coating it takes to cover up soo much rotten bull shit that these poliVictims get fed?
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