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Default Re: Smuggling a Suitcase Nuke In Under The Cover Of Chaos - Part 2 In The Act?

As I watch things unfold I get the feeling something more is to come. Something quite specific. This is a VERY oppurtune moment and the globalists would NEVER waste it.
I have the exact same feeling. It makes me wish that my lifetime batting average in terms of predicting these events was lower.

Also...the situation that befell New Orleans is being called COMPLETELY EXPECTED. I would like to know how it is that the levee broke in only 2 places? How is that? You build to EXTREME specs...why did'nt it hold? What were the special circumstances? Another WTC 7?
A Popular Science article from May of this year pretty much predicted the current catastrophe. It also revealed that the Army Corps of engineers had been studying the levee problem and were well-versed in its weaknesses and what would have been needed to upgrade it.
So, in other words, the weaknesses in the New Orleans flood control system would have been common knowledge to anyone who bothered to investigate.

(For some reason, the online link to the PS article won't copy for me. Any assistance would be appreciate, fellow CC members.) :-)
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