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>>I suspect the latter is the Illuminati's intent, but when the moment of truth finally arrives, I believe we will still have a chance to implement the former via collective resistance. This will be the last chance for North Americans to live like free men.

Yes, but so far their plans were foiled in the last moment whenever they were about to achive world dominance (whatever 'world' in different ages meant). -- Man proposes, God ...

If I may recommend, and you haven't read it, Manly Hall's "Secret Destiny of America", and David Astle's "The Babylonian Woe"
This latter details the activities of the international money power in the ancient middle-east.

My pet theory is that an armed force led by Russia will destroy the armed forces of empire USA, just as the people of the steppe and some germans under Atilla destroyed the armed forces of the Roman Empire (the empire of the international money power of the day), and the rest will be done by small free corps, like Alarik's vandals.

Of course, sometimes during this tribulation Jesus should show up, but I am losing hope of that.
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