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Default Re: New Orlean's Corrupt Black Welfare Mayor

Bob is going to tell you how it really is, not the white washed politically correct crapola that the media is willing to say.
No, Bob is going to feed me a lot of right-slanted propaganda instead of the standard leftish PC version of the mainstream media.
Problem is I can't digest Bob's tripe any more than his counterparts.

The people of New Orleans and Louisiana caused their own disaster. They caused it by decades of living on welfare instead of going to work. They caused it by electing the most stupid, corrupt, and incompetent officials they could find while rejecting those who could be counted on in a crisis.
I think most of us who have followed the NWO agenda for any length of time know that democracy is a farce, and that no people of any city, state or country truly have the option to elect or appoint people of integrity, ability and conviction. I'm certain New Orleans is no exception. We all get the government that government wants us to have, via a variety of evil elitist manipulations ranging from campagin financing to outright vote fraud if necessary. It's that simple. Anyone who cares to discuss this further should reexamine the Skull and Bones Presidential Election of 2004.
All I can say, Bob, is nice try at deflecting blame from the NWO's designated patsy George W. Bush, but to try fault the poor and powerless victims of the New Orleans Holocaust for their own plight is little more than a cheap and petty exercise in circumlocution.
Bob appears to be selling the same truth as Ronald Reagan or David Duke, the convenient fantasy of inherent white supremacist superiority. After all, when the real truth hurts too much, a convenient lie is always a welcome substitute.
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us. George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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