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Default Re: The Importance And Significance of Rasputin And His Murder

What a great article, Draken. Do you see the parallels between the Romanovs and the Bush regime?

While the past can be seen from a superficial viewpoint, history unfolds, with much deeper and often darker undercurrents concealed from view. In this case a hidden alliance between two entirely different power groups both of which, one would have thought, should have opposed the October revolution.

In reality though they didn’t: working hand in glove, they brought about the pivotal event of the last century. On the one hand, European blue bloods: in particular Britain’s Royal Family who were directly related to the Russian Imperial house did all they could to aid their overthrow. Not only did they refuse to help their Russian cousins when they most needed it. They were also the nominal heads of the Secret Intelligence Service, the organisation that orchestrated the killing of the one man who might have prevented the revolution.
Never doubt that the elites will sacrifice their own to accomplish the larger objective. Remember, this is a Satanic conspiracy at its core, so lying, deceiving and doublecrossing are intrinsic to it. I point out the parallels between the British Royal Family not helping the Romanovs and the neocons secretly pursuing an ulterior motive of discrediting George W. Bush while they overtly support his Zionist megalomania.

Indeed, a preoccupation with the threat posed by the Jews probably contributed to the ultimate downfall of the Romanov’s. In the early years of the twentieth century the 'Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion' created a sensation, as it seemed to expose a Jewish conspiracy for world domination. Although many have tried to dismiss it as a forgery, the 'Protocols' helped focus attention on the threat posed by a Jewish conspiracy; while diverting attention from the very real threat posed by another faction in the alliance: the Anglo-American elite. So that when the fatal blows were finally struck they came from where they were least expected: not from Jewish extremists but from the Romanov’s own cousins, the British Royal Family.

But then treachery and deceit are the very means by which this dark alliance furthers its own power.
Always remember: the Illuminati are masters of misdirection. Always playing the shell game,using sleight of hand to divert the sheeple from the location of the pea. If they let you see something, there is a reason. So why have they let us find out so much about 9/11? ;-)

But as already noted, at the highest levels there is little to distinguish those who work for ‘capitalism’ and those who labour for ‘communism’. Despite the different names and apparent ideological differences, they both serve the same overriding agenda.
...Of course, it would be a mistake to blame the “Jews” just as it would be to blame ordinary Britons or Americans. For behind the 1917 Russian revolution were a hybrid elite of Jewish bankers and Anglo-American blue bloods, with loyalty to no one and a readiness to sacrifice even their own kind in the pursuit of power.
Those are the universal constants which indentify the conspiracy. In the last century, they have not changed perceptibly.
\"...if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.” George H. W. Bush, Sr., 1992.
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